Vault in Vault

The Vault, and the Vault-in-Vault repositories are electronic, which means they have the great advantage of convenience resulting from the utility of being securely accessible by Members from their laptops, smart phones, and tablets, from nearly anywhere in the world.

A member can earmark any material in either the first Vault, or their Vault-in-Vault for access by any Viewer they designate.  Members cannot however, designate the public to view any information contained in the Vault-in-Vault; this area is available only to particular Viewers they designate in the event of their passing.

As you confidently place your information into your Vault, or your Vault-in-Vault, you should know that your information is far more secure in your eJournity repository than your home, your laptop, your phone, your office, your home vault, your top drawer, your lawyer's office, your accountant’s files, your best friend Bob's "secret" place under his garage.  

Even banks get robbed, but we're not going to go there.  Bank vaults are secure, honestly, as secure as we can hope for.  But, talk about inconvenience, well, the inconvenience of bank safe deposits also results in almost everything stored in your bank's safe deposit box becoming stale, being outdated, or missing a lot of useful information.

In a nutshell, just about no one is going to run to their bank to update their Amazon password they just changed, and neither are they going to put mundane, but helpful information, such as the password to Netflix, the password to the home router, or the password to their Kindle account in their safe deposit box either. The beauty of eJournity is that it is designed to be useful to each Member everyday by securely storing all of this routine stuff that they themselves need and use, as well as, all that other important stuff in one place - to use themselves as they live and thrive, and to pass on AUTOMATICALLY to those who will need it in the event of their passing.