User Guidelines


eJournity provides you with a service that makes you more productive everyday by putting your life at your fingertips whenever you are logged onto by providing you an intuitive, robust, secure, and private platform to organize your life’s myriad details by using any and all of the15 Features of eJournity, features that never before have been available on a single platform anywhere.

Without security, none of us have privacy, and privacy is the cornerstone of eJournity.  Security is not an add-on feature, rather it is in the DNA of

eJournity provides you a feature rich platform that is secured with numerous layers of security including wall to wall 256 bit military grade encryption for all of your content, bank secure 256 bit SSL for bank secure communications for all your devices to securely communicate with your account on eJournity, multi-level password and PIN safeguard, and numerous other security measures that we do not discuss, that combine to ensure that your content in your eJournity account is Fort Knox like secure.

Below is a list of terms and their definitions used in eJournity communications, and the features offered on eJournity.

  • eJournity LLC is a Florida company that owns all rights and privileges without limitation to the name eJournity, domains used by eJournity - whether active or inactive, the design and appearance of the Website (, all content on the Website, including the logos, user interface, graphics, photos, videos, audios, copy, and the proprietary program that operates the Website, exclusive of the Content stored, created, and/or uploaded by Trial Members or Members to the private repositories Members annually rent from eJournity, and Trial Members who have a maximum of 30 days of free try-out usage, or Content which may be disseminated to others through various means available on the Website, or by other means Members or Trial Members  choose to use, which is exclusively and solely owned by Members, or Trial Members, with all rights, privileges, and liabilities, if any, theirs.  Logos or names that appear on the Website that are the property of others, remain the sole and exclusive property of their owners, with full retention of all rights and privileges.
  • eJounity refers to eJournity LLC, as well as as appropriate in usage.
  • The eJournity Service, or Service consists of the features and functions provided by the proprietary eJournity software hosted on available to Members, Trial Members, and the public.
  • Guidelines Administrator or Administrator determines if any posting Guidelines have been violated if a complaint is received, or the Administrator notices a violation.  It should be noted, the Administrator does not systematically and regularly check Thoughts or Eulogy posts for violations Guidelines, and depends upon the Members to report suspected violations. The Administrator will decide the appropriate disciplinary action, which can range from a reprimand and warning, to suspension of the posting privileges of the Member ranging from 1 to 12 months, revocation of posting privileges for life, to immediate removal from the site with loss of any time remaining and dues remaining in the Member’s annual Membership.
  • Member is someone who is a dues paid annual member with access to all features available to their type of Membership.
  • Trial Member is someone who has not paid their dues, but is enjoying free access to many, though not all, features of eJournity for a maximum of 30 days, at the end of which, their Trial Membership is cancelled, unless a Trial Member chooses to convert their Trial Membership to a Membership prior to expiration of their Trial membership.  Trial Members have limited access to the space they can use to store their trial content, and cannot Link with other Members or Trial Members, post Thoughts, use eJournity Messaging, Photo Album, Video Album, Audio Album, Documents Library, conducts internal searches and they cannot use Emergency.  Many of these limitations are meant to protect the Privacy of our Members, other limitations are to protect the security and integrity of eJournity, and the Service. 
  • Posthumous Members are those Members who have passed.  They live on eJournity for eternity.  Posthumous Members can be searched, and the Content they have earmarked as public is available to the public online forever.   In addition, Members’ Links, the public portion of their biography, and all of their Thoughts posts are available to those wish to peruse the record created by Posthumous Members.
  • Membership indicates the state of a Member, i.e., they have paid their annual dues.  Membership is only available on an annual basis and is paid in full at the time someone decides to become a Member.  Members can choose from one of two Memberships; Standard Membership, or Total Media Membership.
  • Standard Membership is annual fee based.  Members have access to and use of all features except Photo Album, Video Album, Audio Album, and Documents Library.  Standard Members can drag and drop pictures into their Diary and Journals.  They can also place links to Videos and Audios into their Diary. Each Standard Member is allocated 5 GB of space, which includes back-up space.  Additional Space can be purchased any time by any Member. The cost of additional space is prorated.
  • Total Media Membership is annual fee based. Members have access and use of all features available to Standard Members, plus Photo Album, Video Album, Audio Album, and Documents Library.  Additionally, Total Media Members can record audio entries, and video entries directly onto their Diaries. Each Total Media Member is allocated 10 GB of space which includes back-up space.  Additional Space can be purchased any time by any Member.  The cost of additional space is prorated.
  • Additional Space in increments of 5GB can be purchased by Members if they desire to increase the size of their Vault repository.  Additional Space is ordered from Members’ Control Panel at a nominal additional cost.  The cost of additional space is prorated.
  • Back-up is the way eJournity ensures that the Content you store in your Vault is always protected every time you save.  
  • Refunds of Membership dues are not available. 
  • Viewer(s) is someone who has been selected by a Member to view only the selected Content specifically chosen for their viewing in a Member’s Vault in the event of a Member’s passing. Each Member is encouraged to select at least 5 individuals as Viewers.  They can select up to 1000 Viewers. 
  • Immediate Sharing of a Members Content with anyone a Member chooses is available.  This can be done through tools available to Members in eJournity, or through any means a Member may decide to use, such as printing, copy pasting, emailing, etc.
  • Viewables are the Content designated by any Member for access by Viewers in the event of their passing.
  • Vault is a Member’s secure and private repository. It can be visualized as a Bank vault.  The Vault includes the Vault-in-Vault which is insider the Vault.  Members store their Diary, Journals, Secure Notes, Calendar, Photographs, Videos, Audios, Documents, and Emergency information.  All content is military grade encrypted, and end to end SSL secured.
  • Vault-in-Vault can be visualized as a another bank vault within the Vault.  It is further secured, requiring additional credentials to gain access.  It is designed to hold Members’ highly confidential information, such as bank records, passwords, and other private information.  As you would expect, information stored here is also military grade encrypted.
  • Content includes all stored text, documents, photos, images, videos, scanned documents, audios, and anything else Members create on or off the Service and upload to their Vault, or anything Members upload to their Vaults, whether Members simply store this Content, or transmit it to others publicly or privately.
  • Future Messaging, not instant messaging: Through eJournity’s one-of-a-kind system, our Members can seamlessly leave any piece of information in their Vault, and Vault-in-Vault to those people who need that the insight, and information that Members have created and saved over the years. 

This Future Messaged information is most often critically important to those who survive us, delivered at a time when they most need it. Anyone who has had to unravel numerous details following the passing of a friend or family member will completely understand the absolute necessity of targeted access to information provided by eJournity’s Future Messaging System. 

Importantly, eJournity provides Members the option to determine when each Viewables they have earmarked for viewing by their Viewers is available to them for viewing by selecting between 1 to 12 months to elapse after their passing.  Otherwise, all Viewables are immediately available to their respective Viewers upon the passing of a Member.

  • Visibility to others is a key component of privacy.  Since, eJournity is privacy driven, eJournity allows Members to select whether they are visible to search engines, such as Google, MSN, and the rest, as well as, whether they are visible to other eJournity Members.
  • It needs to be noted, any Member who turns on visibility in their control panel (default setting off) will be indexed by search engines.  If, later, a Member turns off their visibility, search engines will have already indexed them, and eJournity cannot simply not respond to a future query by not returning any response.  Therefore, eJournity will respond by stating the requested record is unavailable.
  • Thoughts are posts by Members of their thoughts on any subject they desire.  They must be no less than 333 and no more than 6,666 key-clicks. Thoughts can be brief comments, or essays that are written by any Member. The visibility of any Member’s Thoughts is based upon selections by Members’ in their settings, and can be viewed only by those with whom a Member is Linked, or the entire membership of the eJournity Community.  There is no prior restraint or censorship of Thoughts posts, our Members are simply required to conform to the Thoughts Guidelines.  All Thoughts written by Members are attributed to the Member who posted them, and are available for eternity on as part of a Posthumous Member’s eternal record and legacy.  If anyone who reads a Thoughts post finds it objectionable and in nonconformity with the Guidelines, they can simply click at the end of any Thoughts post, and report it.  The Administrator will review the Thoughts post, and if found to be in noncompliance, the Thoughts post will be removed and the posting Member notified and will face disciplinary action according the Terms.
  • Obituaries of deceased Members will be posted publicly on the eJournity homepage.  Anyone who visits and clicks on Obituaries in the Gateway dropdown can view all obituaries, as long as a Member has selected the option in their control panel settings to allow the public revelation of their passing. In any case, all obituaries of Members will be published for all eJournity Members to see as long as Members are logged on in their control panel.  Any Obituary can be clicked on by any Member to see what Eulogies have been written about the life and passing of the deceased Member by those Liked to the Member who has passed.  The obituary becomes part of the eternal record and legacy of Posthumous Members.
  • Eulogies can only be posted by Linked Members. However, all Eulogies can be read by all members of eJournity. There is no prior restraint or censorship of Eulogies, but our Members are expected and required to conform to the Thoughts and Eulogies Guidelines.  The Eulogies become part of the eternal record and legacy of Posthumous Members.
  • Links provide a simple way of building a network of close friends and family members who are Members.  Linking is based upon mutual acceptance, i.e., one member initiates an invitation to Link, and the invited Member accepts or rejects it.  Any Member can cancel a Link any time they desire solely by their action.Linked Members enjoy a number of privileges.  All Linked Members are linked eternally together in each other’s eternal record, so that when Posthumous Members are accessed, it can be seen with whom they felt especially close.  Linking is prerequisite to messaging by eJournity Messaging.  Eulogies can only be written by Linked Members, but Eulogies can be read by all Members. Thoughts posts readership by the posting Member and can be limited so that only Linked Members can read them. 
  • Blacklist is eJournity’s discipline mechanism.  Those who violate the Thoughts and Eulogies posting Guidelines will be penalized.  Penalties can range from a reprimand, to suspension from posting Thoughts or Eulogies for a period time ranging from 1 to 12 months, banning from making any Thoughts or Eulogy posts for life, to permanent and immediate removal as a member from eJournity.  The penalty shall be determined by the Guidelines Administrator (Administrator), and the decision shall be final.  Members who are removed from Membership will lose any time and paid-in dues.  These measures can be easily avoided by all Members by simply adhering to the Guidelines, and being civil in a public setting.    

The eJournity team works hard to provide you with a service that makes you more productive today by putting your entire life at your fingertips whenever you are on line, and allows you to write your eternal legacy, and organize your life’s myriad details for those who come after you in the event of your passing.  Ultimately, in essence, eJournity provides you with the opportunity to meet your responsibilities elegantly by serving-up your life's many details manageably and usefully to your surviving loved ones so that they can painlessly manage the numerous issues created by anyone's passing.

More broadly, eJournity places at your fingertips the world's most powerful and most secure multimedia private communications platform for unfettered and honest communication with yourself, and everyone and anyone who survives you. Your communications can be in writing, by pictures, videos, or audio recordings, and only the person or persons you have selected can view them, and only in the event of your passing. You can even determine when your Viewers can access the material you have set aside for them, so that they don't have to deal with matters that can wait for a better time.

Our Members stay in touch with others Members through our Instant Messaging System, and the public through eJournity blogs called Thoughts. Members create Links with other Members with whom they have a special relationship that remain for eternity.  Thoughts are essays that are written by any Member and made available to the public at large at the moment posted in the Thoughts section (at top of any screen), on any topic our Members desire.  There is no prior restraint or censorship, our Members are simply required to conform to the guidelines.  All Thoughts essay written by Members are available for eternity on

Anything that Members earmark for the public at large, the eJournity Members with whom they are Linked, their biography, and all of their Thoughts essays will be made available on to the public at large for eternity on eJournity. Members can be searched by name, their Thoughts by topic, date, and title.

We strive to provide you a great experience by offering you an intuitive, customized Private Space that is Fort Know secure. In return, we ask that you respect the eJournity Service and fellow Members by following the guidelines found in Guideline for Members, in this document. Please remember that when you signed-up and agreed to our Terms of Service (including these Guidelines), you agree that you are responsible for any and all conduct and Content you created under your account.

eJournity offers all Members, including you, to use of as much space as you like for your personal use, so that you leave as little or as much Content to those who survive you in the event of your passing.  Your Content will be distributed by the eJournity system to whomever you like and when you want -- exactly as if each and every person on your list had their very own locked and secure vault that you kept secure and fully updated for them, and to which you provided each one of them with their unique key to access it.  

While the capability to create completely private content is certainly a very freeing and cathartic exercise, we do need to ensure that we are all behaving in a manner that meets our responsibilities as eJournity Members. eJournity is a social media site — a unique one to be certain, but a social site nevertheless.  This means Members can allow large numbers of people to have access to some parts of their Content.  So, here are some guidelines.


Any Member can post a Thoughts blog.  Any Thoughts blog is available within a few minutes after a member posts it.  eJournity expects all bloggers to be civil, respectful, mature, and to adhere to the Guidelines for Members.  Those who misbehave will have their blogging privilege suspended, or revoked, and in for egregious violations, the Member will dropped from eJournity.

There is short form at the end of each Thoughts blog that allow reader to report any reader objections to eJournity.  eJournity will consider these reports, and if the material is judged to violate the Guidelines for Members, the blog will be removed, and the author's Thoughts privileges suspended from 1 to 12 months, revoked, or the author's Membership cancelled for life.  The decision of the Administrator is final.

You agree to abide by these rules and guidelines, or you are not allowed to use eJournity. You won’t:

  • Use eJournity for Anything Illegal – or to Promote Illegal Activities. So don’t do things like post instructions on how to cause harm, promote harm or cause physical or mental injury to any person, group of people (or animals, for that matter), or public or private organizations, including any governmental or legal entity; or encourage the stalking, bullying, or harassment anyone, or provide fodder for good or bad people to justify hurtful behavior. This also means don’t violate laws or regulations applicable to you or the use of such services as eJournity in general. You, not eJournity, are responsible for complying with any laws or regulations applicable to the information in your account.
  • Don’t invade another’s privacy, and don’t disseminate someone’s identity, pictures, videos, audio recordings, personal data for any purpose and reason, especially if it embarrasses them, violates their right to privacy, or encourages others to take illegal or immoral action against them. This also means you shouldn’t upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that you don’t have a right to transmit under law, contractual or fiduciary relationship restrictions, such as, but certainly not limited to insider information, confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment, personal relationships or under nondisclosure agreements, etc.
  • Don't violate IP (intellectual property) rights. Don’t upload, post or transmit Content that infringes the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property or proprietary rights of another party.
  • Don’t ruin this for everyone. Don’t upload, promote or distribute software viruses or any other kind of computer code, files or programs that attempt to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment associated with eJournity. Don’t try to disguise the origin of any Content transmitted through the Service. Unless eJournity has given you its prior approval, don’t access or attempt to access the Service by any means (including through the use of scripts, or the like) other than through the interface provided for Members by eJournity.  And don’t use the Service in a manner that could lead to the interruption of access to the Service for others.
  • Don’t post objectionable Content, upload, publish or display Content that contains nudity, sexually graphic material or material that is otherwise indecent or explicit, hateful, spiteful, or illegal.  Don't post Content that eJournity can reasonably deem threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, obscene, invasive, hateful, dangerous, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; or is in conflict with Federal, State, or local laws.

While we hope that all users of the eJournity service comply with these Guidelines, we know that there is that small percentage of people that just can't help but be self-absorbed, egocentric, rude and hateful - people who can only express themselves by spewing hate, causing damage, inflicting pain, being immature, and obscene - we can't police them as fast as we'd all like.  Therefore, we must caution you that, notwithstanding these Guidelines and the requirements in our Terms of Service, you may be exposed to offensive, indecent or objectionable Content when using  You should be aware of this, and by using our, you do not hold us responsible in any way whatsoever for any content not directly provided by . You use the solely at your own risk.

Thanks for helping to make eJournity a great experience for everyone.