eJournity is totally secure.  That means, if you as a Member, do not let someone else get a hold of your eJournity ID, password, and PIN, and gain access to your email account and telephone, your content will be totally secure, and absolutely private.  

Is it possible, sometime in the future, the security environment could change and added measures have to be applied to maintain eJournity's unassailable security?  Of course.  By maintaining ongoing, continuous, and unwavering diligence and staying on the cutting edge of technological developments and threats, eJournity maintains impregable security, ensured by the most effective countermeasures.  The result is that the eJournity site is as close to absolutely secure as the most secure site's on earth – and the content our Members entrust to us is secure and absolutely private today, every day, and as far into the future as we can see. 

Security is not a destination, it is a voyage. You can see how this is true all around you. Companies that are secure are always secure.  Those with a reputation for security breaches, such as Yahoo (late 2016, 500 million users’ records stolen, and in 2013, 3 billion users’ records compromised), suffer unprecedented and repeated security disasters.  Of course, it's not just Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and even the OPM, to name a few, have also had security issues.  

But, look at the tens and tens of millions of companies, banks, and governmental agencies of hundreds countries that are never in the news.  Do they live on a different Internet planet where hacking does not exist, and everyone is nice?  No. So, it must be that if you decide to build an unassailable site, you can.  In fact, secure sites are the norm, not the exception.  But, they never make the news.  No one runs a headline that says something like, “XYZ just passed the 100 billion records accessed mark without being hacked.”  It’s kind of unfortunate actually.

Super security does pose some challenges in so far as user-friendliness.  One of the bulwarks of security is encryption.  The very high grade of military grade encryption eJournity uses for all of your material certainly makes it all very private; your material is not readable by anyone other than you. The downside to this is it takes a little time (measured in milliseconds) - even for the very powerful computers eJournity uses, to encrypt and decrypt your material.  

The other limitation posed by our highly secure and encrypted system is that eJournity searches are limited to just a very few fields that are purposely left not encrypted.

The decryption key is not known to anyone.  Actually, that means you don't know your decryption key, and neither do we.  No one at eJournity can access and decipher your encrypted content.  We can't even comply with a court order to divulge the encrypted content of our Members, because we are unable to.   

That's all any member of the public ever needs to know about our security systems,

Your responsibility as a Member is to keep your eJournity credentials safe. If you do that, your chances of suffering a breach of security is all but non-existent, 

All of us at eJournity, our families, friends, and fellow Members use and benefit daily from eJournity's user friendly, one stop, life management system today, and the absolutely unique, eJournity invented, Future Messaging System, for of our complete peace of mind in the event of our passing.  All of which, when combined, is unmatched by any other site, and gives everyone in the eJournity family of Members complete peace of mind today, tomorrow, and for eternity.