Additional Features

Thoughts Stream

Thoughts Stream is the collective stream of consciousness of eJournity Members. Posted Thoughts run like a stream with the last posting appearing first, and only sliding down the stream as the latest posting assumes its position at the top of the list.

Every Member has the privilege to write Thoughts as often as they like. Members can mix in photos, videos, and audio recording within their Thoughts posts.

Members’ Thoughts are not prior censored. However, Thoughts posts must meet the standards for Thoughts Stream posts as stated in the Thoughts Stream Posting Guidelines.

Thoughts entries must be no less than 333, and no more than 6,666 key presses. Each Member can set their settings to see and read all Thoughts posts that are available to all Members, or set their settings to see only Thoughts that have been posted by Members with whom they are Linked (see below).

Members can also set their own Thoughts posting settings to allow any Member to read their posts, or only allow Members with whom they are Linked to read them.

All Thoughts posts made by any given Member is stored by eJournity in a special repository to have them available as part of that Member’s eternal record in the event of their passing.

If any Thoughts is thought to violate the Thoughts Guidelines by any Member, they have the opportunity to click on the post and report it for review. eJournity will review tagged Thoughts post, and if the Thoughts Blog is found to violate the Guidelines, eJournity will remove the offending Thoughts Blog. Frivolous complainers as well as violating authors will face various disciplinary actions. The decision of the Thoughts Stream Administrator is final.


eJournity Messaging is the military grade encrypted messaging system for Members who are Linked together to communicate with each other securely, including sharing parts of their private Diary, Journals, and other private material.

EJournity Messages are destroyed permanently after a brief time after they are read. So, Members are encouraged to save any portion of an eJournity Message to their Notepad if a message contains information that should not be deleted.


Linking allows Members to communicate using the encrypted and ultra-secure internal eJournity Messaging System, and allows access to Thoughts Stream posts that have been limited by their authors for viewing only by those members that are Linked with the author of that particular posting.

A Linked Member also has the privilege of entering and perusing the shared material on the common portion of a Linked Member’s Member area, the area we call Member’s Vault.

Linking can only occur if both Members agree to Link. Linked Members linkage can be seen by Viewers of part of any Posthumous Member’s eternal record for eternity on eJournity, as a tribute to their friendship.

Secure Note

Notes is a notepad for the use of Members to jot down notes and reminders to themselves. All Notes content is private, and cannot be shared.


The Calendar is a sophisticated calendar for the use of Members for keeping track of important dates, and meetings. All Calendar entries are private, and cannot be shared.


Contacts is a robust contacts list for Members that is designed to hold Members’ contacts list with fields for entering information that is usual and useful for a contact list. All Contacts entries are private, and cannot be shared.